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Massage Therapy Modalities

Deep Tissue Massage

This popular modality is effective for releasing stress from restricted or injured tissues, knots, tight muscles and facia.  You will experience deep concentrated pressure techniques tailored to target your specific needed areas.  My Deep Tissue technique is unique to each client.


Ashiatsu Foot Massage

This is a massage technique performed with the therapist's feet to deliver a wide range of moderate to deep and broad pressure. It provides a strong therapeutic relief experience.  This is one of my favorite unique modalities.

Sculptural Face Lift

Face lift is a complex of massage techniques that combines lymphatic drainage and muscle/fascia work. It creates a lifting effect, reliefs tension in the jaw, and can soften the aging process if done regularly.

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Stretching Massage

A combination of Thai massage stretches and neuromuscular massage to improve mobility.

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